How can you purchase an advance train ticket in Bangladesh without paying a bribe?

17 02 2015

A visit to the ticket counter at Sylhet train station to find the tickets were not available then after contacting a middle man (a person who works at the station) they purchased the ticket on the customers behalf and charged a premium for their service… is this the only way to buy a train ticket?


Anyone in Sylhet used banglalink to purchase a train ticket?

Sylhet to Dhaka is a popular route by train but not mentioned on

Comment below on your experience…


SMS for a train ticket this Eid

29 08 2010

The coming of Eid means new clothes,  good food, celebrations and a time to be close to friends and family. For a very huge number of people in Bangladesh, this would mean travelling back to their home districts. But that’s when you remember that you have to purchase the railway ticket and you squirm at the thought of standing for hours at the railway station behind a humongous queue, just to find at the end that tickets are all sold out. And then you think, “Oh why not just skip it this year?”

Full story: The Daily Star