Biman Bangladesh to launch flight to Libya and China

25 07 2009

DHAKA, April 21 2009 — Bangladesh’s national Biman Bangladesh Airlines will fly to Libya and China soon, its first international routes after a gap of 14 years, leading daily The Financial Express reported on Tuesday.

The national airliner will start flights to Libya and China — two of the country’s fastest-growing trade partners — next month as it sees potentially robust air traffic on the routes, the report said quoting officials.

“We’re going to operate bi-weekly flights to Tripoli and Guangzhou in May,” a senior Biman official was quoted as saying.

Demand for air travel between Dhaka and the Libyan capital of Tripoli has started soaring since the Libyan government last year announced to hire more than 500,000 Bangladesh workers to labor its booming construction sector, the newspaper said.

Travel traders were quoted by the newspaper as saying that at least 10,000 Libya-bound Bangladesh workers are now stranded as they get no air tickets due to lack of seats.

The oil-rich African nation will recruit about 1.0 million foreign workers, mostly from Bangladesh, to help develop its construction sector and oil industry hungry for foreign-born workforce, the report said.

Meanwhile, another Biman official said, “Trade between Bangladesh and China remains robust. The airlines flying on the route rely on the business traffic.”

Biman, once the market leader, has gradually lost out to 20-oddforeign airlines, which have snared over 80 percent of the Bangladesh aviation market.

The state airline cutback half a dozen international routes and withdrew from the domestic market under pressure from a record loss of 120 million U.S. dollars in fiscal 2006-07 (July 2006-June 2007) after another 100 million U.S. dollars in losses a year earlier, the newspaper said.

Biman travels to 18 countries around the world and has the right to fly to 16 more, The Financial Express said. source


TeleTalk gets $211m loan from China

25 07 2009
TeleTalk, the state-run mobile operator, has got $211 million loans from the Chinese government for its modernisation and expansion of network.‘We have got $211 million loans from the Chinese government and now we will spend the money for modernising TeleTalk and expanding its network to provide 3G (third-generation) technology,’ TeleTalk managing director Mujibur Rahman told the media on Wednesday.
He said a project has been taken in which the state-run mobile operator aims to have 15 lakh 3G customers and expand broadband network to the upazila level. ‘TeleTalk will adopt 3G technology to enhance multimedia usability in all popular modes and broad bandwidth with high speed,’ said the TeleTalk MD.

‘We are committed to provide better service to our customers and for this we will expend our network in the rural areas,’ he said.

In the six-operator mobile market, TeleTalk is stuck at the bottom with 11 lakh subscribers. Mujibur Rahman said the operator would increase its subscriber base to 30 lakh within a year.

The Teletalk Bangladesh Limited was incorporated on December 26, 2004 as the only government-sponsored mobile telephone company, which has already established its network in 64 districts, 402 upazilas and most of the highways.

Admitting poor network coverage, he said, ‘We had expanded our network in the 15, among 17, hilly upazilas and would widen the network to every upazila of the country.’ source

How to call Bangladesh for FREE

22 07 2009

YupeePhone decided to add Bangladesh Mobile to the free destinations for which the company offers 120 free minutes every month.

The offer is active and all YupeePhone customers will be able to call Bangladesh Mobile for free, as long as they deposit $20 in their account every four months.

The offer applies to existing and new customers. If a customer deposited $20 in the last 4 months, he/she will have 120 free minutes every month for four months to call Bangladesh Mobile. These minutes are totally free and there will be no charge for them. The $20 will be available to use.

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