How can you purchase an advance train ticket in Bangladesh without paying a bribe?

17 02 2015

A visit to the ticket counter at Sylhet train station to find the tickets were not available then after contacting a middle man (a person who works at the station) they purchased the ticket on the customers behalf and charged a premium for their service… is this the only way to buy a train ticket?


Anyone in Sylhet used banglalink to purchase a train ticket?

Sylhet to Dhaka is a popular route by train but not mentioned on

Comment below on your experience…

From SAARC to South Asian Union

30 01 2015

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) nations joining together to create South Asian Union. Many benefits for it’s people from trade and travel opportunities.

More benefits:

1. Visa free travel.
2. No duty on goods & services.
3. Common currency.
4. No curb on Investments.

‘Advantages: massively decrease arms spending both ways, invest the saved defense spending into infrastructure, economy, agriculture, and broadening social and economic institutions to create a larger middle class and promote industry and the information-age services sector.’

If we look at Sylhet, Bangladesh region with it’s close proximity to North East (Seven Sisters) region of India, development opportunities.are huge!

How can we hope to change South Asia?

Sylhet Airport to finally get refuelling station

30 07 2014

Sixteen years after the Sylhet airport was declared international in 1998, the airport will finally have refuelling facilities for aircraft.
The authorities concerned are hopeful that aeroplanes can be refuelled in Sylhet by August.
The refuelling station in Sylhet will be complete once South African company Encon Engineering Projects (Pvt) Ltd, which is implementing the project, gives the finishing touches to the storage tanks, said officials of Bangladesh Petroleum Company, superviser of the project.

Full story: The Daily Star

The Greatest Da’wah – Merciful Servant Reminder

24 03 2014


Surat An-Nisa (The Women)

28 02 2014




The Days of Eid

1 10 2013




#EidMubarak 2013

9 08 2013


Eid Mubarak al fitr 2013

Eid Mubarak 2013