Free International call

29 10 2010

Rebtel voucher code until the 31st of January 2011, this is how it works:

The offer is a voucher code that adds $5 bonus on the first $10 deposit. That is a 50% bonus, $5 is equal to approx 6 hours of calling to the UK or Mexico, or about one hour to Asia or Africa.

* Voucher code: REBTEL5
* End date: 31st of January 2011
* The minimum deposit is $10. The deposit must be made within 30 days after the sign up
* The customer has to submit the voucher code when signing up

Remember that with Rebtel you pay only for the time you talk! We have one minute billing; and there are no hidden charges. No contract required. First call is FREE! Use the free first call in your promotions.

How to call Bangladesh for FREE

22 07 2009

YupeePhone decided to add Bangladesh Mobile to the free destinations for which the company offers 120 free minutes every month.

The offer is active and all YupeePhone customers will be able to call Bangladesh Mobile for free, as long as they deposit $20 in their account every four months.

The offer applies to existing and new customers. If a customer deposited $20 in the last 4 months, he/she will have 120 free minutes every month for four months to call Bangladesh Mobile. These minutes are totally free and there will be no charge for them. The $20 will be available to use.

If you would like a 10% discount off all call plans click here. They also offer free minutes to the following destinations; India Fixed,  India Mobile, China, Jordan,  Chile,  Cyprus,  Poland, Venezuela and more.

Tip: 10% coupon code = 404de771 . If you make a payment of $20 when you register, you will receive a 10% discount. You will pay $18 and your account will be credited with $20.

Call FREE from your BT Landline

5 07 2009

You can call BANGLADESH for FREE!

Have you tried this, does it work?

Calling Bangladesh Mobile for 1p per minute

5 07 2009

I just called a Bangladesh mobile for 1p per minute, this is what my first call cost me: 5p (connection charge) + 29 minutes  = 34 pence .

I have found this to be the cheapest way to call from a mobile to a  Bangladesh mobile. Can you beat this?

This is how you can do the same:

1. Go to and register for an account

2.  Call local rate access number 020 81 80 2828 (free if you have inclusive landline minutes)

3. Go to , to find the best 0870 number to call, when I called I used 0870 005 00 21, then follow the instructions to dial the number, wait a minute or two while the line connects.

Note:  The above is weekend phone rates to Bangladesh mobile from the UK, please check with your mobile network and the above websites for update to date information.

If you have a BT landline and have the free evening and weekend package, you can call 0870 for free, which means you can call Bangladesh for free  (possibly a 5p connection charge).