Official Sports Organisations in Bangladesh

17 03 2013

Official Website: National Sports Council Bangladesh (NSC)

Bangladesh Swimming Federation is a member of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), you can follow their updates on Twitter.

Bangladesh Archery Federation is a member of The World Archery Federation (WAF), you can follow their updates on Twitter.

Messi tickets ‘too costly’ for Bangladesh football fans

25 09 2011

Bangladesh’s Football Federation has defended its decision to charge at least $100 (£62) a ticket for a match between Argentina and Nigeria.

It says that it had to charge so much because the costs of staging the match – featuring World Player of the Year Lionel Messi – were so expensive.

Full story: BBC

Tommy Miah’s Cricket Academy

25 09 2011

Cricket is a highly popular sport of Bangladesh and it is passionately the point of discussion in many villages across the country. Bangladesh held the prestige of holding the World Cup at the start of the year, proving to the world that cricket in the country is serious business now. Bangladesh are pitted against top 9 Test playing countries of the world.

Full story: The Financial Express

Bangladesh Football Federation

19 03 2011

Bangladesh Football Federation

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC)


Bangladesh Badminton Federation

18 03 2011


Scuba diving in Bangladesh

25 07 2009

Not many people view Bangladesh as being a great location to go scuba diving. However more and more people are discovering the natural wonders that St Martin’s Island has to offer. This small island is located just off the coast of Bangladesh and it is already quite a national treasure.

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