Land Information

10 09 2011

Ministry of Land

Department of Land Record and Survey’s

Terratech Limited – bringing 10 of the top Software and ITES together under a single company to work towards a single goal of Automating the Land Record Management system in Bangladesh.

Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD) – Rights based independent National Policy Advocacy and Networking Organisation committed to the promotion and strengthening of land rights and agrarian reform.


Upazilla(s)/Thana(s) in Sylhet

5 07 2009


Map of Bangladesh

5 07 2009

Map of Bangladesh

Map of Sylhet Division

Map of Sylhet District


Sylhet District Map

Map of Biswanath Upazila

Bishwanath Upazila Wiki

For example, third union of Bishwanath is Alankari (or Alongkari) Union. In this Union, Darus Salam Jamia Masjid is located, which is in ward 6.

Biswanath Upazila map

Biswanath Government Map

Map of Dakshin Surma Upazila

Update maps, Moglabazar Thana 

Dakshin Surma

Gov Dakshin Surma map