Diaspora-driven development: how to turn wealth to health in Bangladesh

5 02 2013

Sylhet division in north-east Bangladesh, where around 95% of all British-Bengalis trace their origin to, should in theory be the wealthiest and healthiest part of country. The region receives around US $1bn in remittances every year from expatriate Bengalis in the UK alone.

However, wealth hasn’t translated to health in Sylhet. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Sylhet has worse literacy and school enrolment rates than all other regions, child malnutrition rates are well over the WHO emergency threshold of 15%, fertility rates are the highest in the country and expectant mothers are more likely to die during child birth in Sylhet than any other part of Bangladesh.

Full story: The Guardian

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High AIDS infections in Sylhet

21 09 2011

Grave concern has been expressed over increasing number of HIV-positive persons in the Sylhet division.

Sylhet is in the second position among the country’s divisions that are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS while Dhaka tops the chart.

A total of 396 HIV-positive persons have so far been detected in the division and 182 have died.

Full story: New Age