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Burhan Uddin (al-din) – a pious Muslim man who lived in the territory of Sylhet around 699 A.H. (1300 C.E. ?). He sacrificed a cow (Aqiqah) to thank Allah (swt) as to celebrate the birth of his son. With this the poor and close family members were fed.

Makhdum Jalal Uddin bin Mohammad (AKA Hazrat Shah Jalal)
Born in the region of Yemen, Arabia
Raised in the area of Yemen, Arabia
Buried in Sylhet, Bangladesh

The aim is to bring together a team of researchers, social scientists, historians and archivists. Other than information on shown on, if you know of more information please reply below.

Book Review

Bangladesh, history, Muslim, Islamic

The History of Bangladesh (2008) by Dr. Mohammed Mominul Hoque

Information about Ibn Battuta especially cost of local commodities. Ancient Bengal history to British policy during their rule in the region. Robert Lindsay came to Sylhet in 1780 as the Collector of the district. Born in Sylhet, Syed Mohammad Hadi (1750) and Syed Mohammad Mahadi (1755). In 1782, the place where the incident took place still bears the testimony of the martyrdom with the name “Hada Mia-MadaMiar tila.” Robert Lindsay mentioned his his autobiography that devastating flood in 1781 rose to a height of 30ft (over 9 metres) in Sylhet. Also enjoyed reading the travel journals and the Bengalis abroad section.

It would be interesting to read his other book titled, ‘The history of the Sylhet Division’, currently only written in Bengali.

Further reading –

Robert Lindsay story

More historical info about Sylhet

Midnight's Descendants: South Asia from Partition to the Present DayMidnight’s Descendants: South Asia from Partition to the Present Day (2014) by John Keay

The maps were fascinating. Barely any information about the region of Sylhet. Interesting information about migration and the citizens of UK, US and Canada – on how remittance helped their family and economy.


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