BANGLADESH: Dialling into disaster risk reduction

30 10 2011

Bangladesh’s high-growth mobile phone sector is buying into disaster risk reduction, and the cyclone-affected costal region stands to gain most, say government officials, aid workers and private sector sources.

By the beginning of 2012, the Disaster Management Bureau (DMB) will team up with the country’s largest mobile phone provider Grameenphone, and state-run mobile phone company Teletalk, to provide early warnings for cyclones and floods to all 14 coastal districts.

Full story: IRIN News


Bangladesh population over 150 million

26 10 2011

Bangladesh’s population stands at 150.5 million in 2011, according to a UN projection released on Wednesday, five-days ahead of when the world population is expected to reach 7 billion, ‘a milestone, but also a wake-up call.’

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in its annual flagship publication State of World Population 2011 also indicated the number of males and females at 76.2 million and 74.3 million respectively, and pegged the country’s annual population growth rate at 1.3 percent.

Full story: BD News 24

Tourism has to be turned into a social movement

22 10 2011

Tourism has to be turned into a social movement. People of the whole country have to go along, have to be tourism friendly, just as the people of our tourism destinations have become so.

GM Quader, Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism said this while taking part in an interactive session at a seminar on “Development of Tourism Sector : Problems and Pros-pects” organised by DCCI at its auditorium on October 8.
The minister said, “The whole country has to vibrate with tourism ideas. The head of the government, political parties, decision makers, bureaucracy have to come along too.”

Full story: The Bangladesh Monitor

Access to Chittagong port online

8 10 2011

The country’s premier seaport is about to welcome a new chapter in operation as Chittagong Port Authority will start the computerised container terminal management system on a trial basis from tomorrow.

Both officials and users say the move will ultimately cut turn around time from three days to two days and the port activities will be organised in a coordinated way, which will increase the efficiency and capacity of the port.

Full story: The Daily Star