Regent Airways will compete on a different level

21 08 2011

Regent Airways, the newest player in country’s aviation sector, plans to compete with on time performance and providing optimised customer service and not on fares.

“The aviation cake is big enough and all three of us can have a good bite and increase our market share. The current fares are competitive,” said Mashruf Habib, Managing Director, Regent Airways.

Full story: The Bangladesh Monitor

All highways in a quagmire

16 08 2011

In any directions you want to travel from the capital, you will find the highways riddled with mortal danger.

With over 50,000 vehicles plying one way every day, the Dhaka-Chittagong road is full of potholes, and chaotic and unfit to accommodate such a volume of traffic.

Dhaka-Mymensingh highway has become unusable due to large ditches and potholes all the way. Bus operators have suspended their services to 28 destinations in Mymensingh region.

There are two ways to go to Sylhet — one is via Tongi through the Kaliganj-Ghorashal road and the other through Jatrabari. The road through Kaliganj is so narrow that once a vehicle breaks down there, miles of tailbacks occur instantly. The road through Jatrabari remains jam-packed with vehicles most of the time. The main highway to Sylhet still remains good but potholes have started to appear at many points. Maintenance is urgent here before it gets worse.

Full story: The Daily Star