Feasibility study of rainwater harvesting system in Sylhet City

25 03 2011

In rural areas in Bangladesh, groundwater is the principal source of water supply. This underground water is available in considerable amount in shallow aquifers. It is free from pathogenic microorganisms and hence water-borne diseases. In plain lands, other than hilly areas, water supply to 97% rural population comes from tube-wells, which is regarded to be a phenomenal achievement in preserving public health.

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Bangladesh Football Federation

19 03 2011

Bangladesh Football Federation

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC)


Bangladesh Badminton Federation

18 03 2011


New UK visa rules to woo business people

18 03 2011

The UK government has introduced new visa rules to fast-track settlement for high-value foreign investors and entrepreneurs, as part of its move to speed up economic recovery.

Foreign entrepreneurs and investors have been given an extra boost in the visa rules as part of the government’s move to encourage the brightest and the best to locate to the UK, said British High Commission in Dhaka yesterday.

Under the new rules, those who come to the UK and invest large sums of money will be given the right to settle permanently in the UK faster.

Those who invest £5 million will be allowed to settle in the UK after three years and those who invest £10 million or more will be allowed to settle after two years. This compares with the minimum five-year requirement currently in place.

Full story: The Daily Star

Natural Disasters

13 03 2011

1970 Bhola cyclone

The cyclone formed over the central Bay of Bengal on November 8 and travelled north, intensifying as it did so. It reached its peak with winds of 185 km/h (115 mph) on November 12, and made landfall on the coast of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) that night. The storm surge devastated many of the offshore islands, wiping out villages and destroying crops throughout the region.

1991 Bangladesh cyclone

On the night of 29 April 1991 a powerful tropical cyclone struck the Chittagong district of southeastern Bangladesh with winds of around 250 km/h (155 mph).



Bangladesh is surrounded by the regions of high seismicity which include the Himalayan Arc and shillong plateau in the north, the Burmese Arc, Arakan Yoma anticlinorium in the east and complex Naga-Disang-Jaflong thrust zones in the northeast.


In the monsoon season, which is normally from June to September, there is widespread and extensive flooding.

Telecom on fast track

12 03 2011

Nobody thought about 100 percent mobile coverage when Bangladesh enacted its first telecom policy in 1999, as only a handful of the country’s 64 districts was under wireless network coverage at that time.

But the ever-explosive sector has dwarfed all expectations and doubts to help Bangladesh become one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world.

Full story: The Daily Star

Internet Companies in Bangladesh – Sylhet

1 03 2011


Grameenphone Sylhet -Better than most telecom and ISP for village areas, in terms of getting a signal for data however their charges are very high. Hope to see 4G available in every village by 2017.

BanglaLink Sylhet– Price is more competitive than GP however only mainly used in the city.


Home broadband:

Link3 Sylhet – Coverage area in Cities only


Smile Sylhet – Coverage area in Cities only


Mobile broadband:

Banglalion Sylhet – Coverage area in Cities only

Qubee Sylhet – Coverage area in Cities only