Return of the railways

9 02 2011

The railway passenger traffic had to take a backseat over the past years across the country. This was particularly true for the journeys between Dhaka and Chittagong and between Dhaka and Sylhet. On these two routes, the presence of regular bus service with large and comfortable coaches was an attractive option for the travellers.

However, the frequency of road accidents and the tendency to block roads by mobs for any reason, leading to unacceptable delays any time any place, have been making the option of road journey less attractive. Such incidents, coupled with the absence of toilets on buses, are big disadvantages for women, children and elderly people.

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Major Growth in Solar Energy

5 02 2011

The country is making a big stride in the use of renewable energy with companies and charities doubling the number of solar-powered houses to nearly 800,000 last year.

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