Map of Bangladesh

5 07 2009

Map of Bangladesh

Map of Sylhet Division

Map of Sylhet District


Sylhet District Map

Map of Biswanath Upazila

Bishwanath Upazila Wiki

For example, third union of Bishwanath is Alankari (or Alongkari) Union. In this Union, Darus Salam Jamia Masjid is located, which is in ward 6.

Biswanath Upazila map

Biswanath Government Map

Map of Dakshin Surma Upazila

Update maps, Moglabazar Thana 

Dakshin Surma

Gov Dakshin Surma map




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25 03 2011
Feasibility study of rainwater harvesting system in Sylhet City « is all about Sylhet, Bangladesh

[…] rural areas in Bangladesh, groundwater is the principal source of water supply. This underground water is available in […]

21 09 2011
High AIDS infections in Sylhet « is all about Sylhet, Bangladesh

[…] Grave concern has been expressed over increasing number of HIV-positive persons in the Sylhet division. […]

30 10 2011
BANGLADESH: Dialling into disaster risk reduction « is all about Sylhet, Bangladesh

[…] By the beginning of 2012, the Disaster Management Bureau (DMB) will team up with the country’s largest mobile phone provider Grameenphone, and state-run mobile phone company Teletalk, to provide early warnings for cyclones and floods to all 14 coastal districts. […]

5 02 2013
Diaspora-driven development: how to turn wealth to health in Bangladesh « is all about Sylhet, Bangladesh

[…] Sylhet division in north-east Bangladesh, where around 95% of all British-Bengalis trace their origin to, should in theory be the wealthiest and healthiest part of country. The region receives around US $1bn in remittances every year from expatriate Bengalis in the UK alone. […]

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